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“Let The Right One In”, “Under The Skin”, and Scotland

April Fool’s Day is a joke. It seems the only people who even care about the whole sorry charade are those working in the media, and even then they do so with a listlessness and lack of conviction. This year, however, was one of the worst I remember. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of stories this year took aim at the forthcoming referendum on Scottish independence, with everyone from The Daily Mail to The Guardian joining in on the ‘fun’. What’s so sad about this, however, is that it is demonstrative of the lack of genuine debate in England about this huge, important thing which is looming and which could bring with it massive changes in identity, economy and government. The plethora of April Fool’s stories about the notion of Scottish independence highlight the extent to which our media view it as just that: a joke. Continue reading “Let The Right One In”, “Under The Skin”, and Scotland


Interview: Allie Butler

*Originally written for A Younger Theatre*

Considering the snobbery with which many people and media outlets in England discuss the concept of Scottish independence, it’s unsurprising that many of our neighbours in the north are looking for a way out. Some want the chance to redefine their national identity as a separate entity rather than in relation to the UK. Some want to reassert their cultural heritage on the world stage. Some just want to be rid of David Cameron. Whilst Scotland wrangles with these thoughts, however, England remains largely silent. But why does it all matter anyway?

“There’s something really satisfying, isn’t there, about identifying with and feeling part of a tribe, and having that represented; Continue reading Interview: Allie Butler