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Assistant Director – Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

A Royal and Derngate, Royal Exchange and Northern Stage co-production.

Directed by James Dacre

Designed by Mike Britton

Cast: Charles Aitken, Kim Criswell, Matthew Douglas, Victoria Elliott, Mariah Gale, Kieron Jecchinis, Sean Murray and Daragh O’Malley (understudy Terence Wilton)

Rehearsal blog here

“The Body Of An American” by Dan O’Brien

at the Royal and Derngate, Tuesday 4th March 2014

As we step into the low, claustrophobic bunker which houses The Body Of An American and separates us from the rest of the world, we’re greeted with a message projected onto either end of the long space. It’s the kind of message you get at the beginning of a documentary or a verbatim play, reading: “Every word, photograph or video included in this production was spoken, heard, written, taken or filmed by Dan O’Brien or Paul Watson between 1993 and 2014”. At first, this might seem like a relatively simple and obvious thing to say; after all, this play is based on genuine conversations and discusses real-life events, so it makes sense to mention this in order to signify the play’s veracity. Continue reading “The Body Of An American” by Dan O’Brien