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Interview: Mark Ravenhill

*Originally written for A Younger Theatre*

“They can be quite unnerving,” Mark Ravenhill says of the Secret Theatre company, suggesting that their 12 months of working together has given way to a kind of openness he hasn’t come across in many rehearsal rooms. He elaborates further: “On the whole, everyone in British theatre is on these short contracts so everyone makes this big effort. And although you might think it’d be nice to be rid of that, it’s actually a little bit disarming for the first few days because they’re quite neutral. They’re very calm and centred. It takes a while to adjust to that.”

Ravenhill is a late addition to the Secret Theatre ensemble. He joined the company after Lyndsey Turner (who directed his adaptation of Candide at the RSC last year) suggested he write to Sean Holmes asking to be involved – “You don’t know if you don’t ask”. Continue reading Interview: Mark Ravenhill

“The Islanders”

at Underbelly, Cowgate, Saturday 3rd August 2013

*Written as a report for IdeasTap*

Amy and Eddie used to date, back in the late nineties. They had their ups and downs, but both vividly remember the one trip they had together, not to New York or France, but to the Isle of Wight. They’re not together any longer, but they decided to make a show about it all the same.

The set-up is simple, as Amy explains: “I’m going to tell you things, Eddie’s going to sing you songs and our friend Jim is going to play guitar”. For one hour, we hear of the couple’s memories of their time together, playing fast and loose with notions of memory, history and truth. Continue reading “The Islanders”