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“Have I No Mouth?”

at the Traverse Theatre, Friday 9th August 2013

*Originally written for Culture Wars*

If I’m being perfectly honest, my heart sank during the first five minutes of Have I No Mouth. As soon as Feidlim Cannon mentions that his mother (Ann, who appears with him on stage) is interested in reiki healing and colour therapy and that the show would be about “healing”, the rational part of me began ringing its alarm bells, expecting a defence of alternative medicines. But the show does nothing of the sort. Instead, it offers an offbeat, deeply felt and theatrical look at the way in which we make ourselves better after traumatic events, considering how the theatre can help in this.

Feidlim lost his father Sean (and Ann her husband) in 2001, and his baby brother Sean about fifteen years earlier. Continue reading “Have I No Mouth?”