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“Horizontal Collaboration” by David Leddy

at the Traverse Theatre, Thursday 7th August 2014

Before I read Andrew Haydon’ review of Horizontal Collaboration, I had no idea it was based on a pre-existing narrative, let alone one with such a rich history of adaptation and appropriation. When watching David Leddy’s new play, I was entirely responding to this particular story as if it were the first time I’d ever heard it. Yes, I picked up the odd quote or intertextual reference, but this was a narrative which was falling on fresh ears (blame my cultural ignorance). I presume this is the case for lots of people in the audience, but I have no stats to verify that so it’s impossible to know. Either way, this is a poetic, sparse piece of writing which reaffirms Leddy’s ability to get inside our skulls and twist them about a bit. Continue reading “Horizontal Collaboration” by David Leddy

“Long Live the Little Knife” by David Leddy

at the Traverse Theatre, Sunday 4th August 2013

*Originally written for Culture Wars*

Even before Long Live the Little Knife begins we are lulled into its world of false realities, as we are handed a programme splattered in paint with a small “edition 20/200” printed at the bottom right. It looks and feels real, but just like the subject matter and form of the piece itself, there are more falsehoods at work than we’d like to believe.

David Leddy (who wrote and directed the piece) here explores the curious urge humans have to have a grasp on authentic objects Continue reading “Long Live the Little Knife” by David Leddy