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“The Events” by David Greig

at the Traverse Theatre, Sunday 4th August 2013

*Originally reviewed for A Younger Theatre*

Let’s get this straight: David Greig’s The Events is not ‘about’ the Norwegian massacre committed by Anders Breivik. It uses them as a source of inspiration and attempts to interrogate many of the questions surrounding it but never actively refers to its details, instead preferring to fictionalise an ‘event’ of its own so we may try to understand what happens to communities when these kind of atrocities occur. It’s a lyrical, knotty play which, through trying to comprehend, suggests that comprehension is impossible.

The director of the show, Ramin Gray, suggests in the programme note that “Every act of theatre revolves around a transaction between two communities: the performers onstage and the improvised community that constitute what we call an audience”. Continue reading “The Events” by David Greig


“The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart”

created by David Greig and Wils Wilson

at the London Welsh Centre, Monday 15th July 2013

“National Theatre of Scotland cannot be held responsible in the event of any member of the audience losing their head, their heart or their very self during the course of the performance”

Last night I was a motorbike.

Part the First

During the first act of Prudencia Hart
An actor pretended I was his kart.
Falling beside me he whispered “Give me your arms”,
Then rose up behind and clamped his palms
Around my wrists.
Then proceeded to drive me, bike-like, with all sorts of twists.
For a few short seconds I was not me
But had surrendered myself to become part of theatre’s visual imagery. Continue reading “The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart”