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“Credible Likeable Superstar Rolemodel”

at the Soho Theatre, Thursday 10th October 2013

*Originally written for Exeunt*

At the end of the new musical The Commitments, the audiences are almost aggressively told to stand up and dance along to the rendition of Mustang Sally taking place on stage. If we oblige, it’s only because there may be someone else stood in front blocking our view and it could be awkward to stay seated. But there’s something about it’s happy-clappy optimism which makes you feel empty and depressed. Just around the corner at the Soho Theatre, however, Bryony Kimmings’ Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model effortlessly manages to get a hundred adults to do an animal dance, and contrary to its heartbreaking, tear-inducing final note, leaves you optimistic that you can go out into the “real world” and change it.

Even those of us who didn’t see the show in Edinburgh have probably experienced Catherine Bennett in some way by now;
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