• “Essential viewing” – The New Current on The Spanish Tragedy
  • “Dan Hutton’s clear-eyed production of this convoluted play steers a steady path through the death and destruction wrought by revenge, more revenge and yet more revenge.” – Exeunt on The Spanish Tragedy
  • “There is a real gumption and flair in here” – Time Out on The Spanish Tragedy
  • “Director Dan Hutton has taken an academically rigorous approach to the text, skinning and fileting it, peeling apart its layers of meaning. There are some bold moments here – the play-within-a-play is brilliantly unexpected and forces the audience to think about the nature of what they’ve been watching, the construction of it.” – The Stage on The Spanish Tragedy
  • One of 11 “Faces to look out for in 2016” in WhatsOnStage
  • “Urgent and dangerous” – Michaela Clement-Hayes on Blood Wedding
  • “A powerful and intellectually stimulating work… Direction by Dan Hutton…was innovative and assured” – Patrick Phillips on Blood Wedding
  • “The production does the rare thing of striking the balance between the artistic and the technical. The technical big guns, as it were, do not seem at all incongruous, rather, they refreshingly give the play an extra dimension and do so much more than merely embellish the onstage action. The setting serves as a chilling reminder that the notion of a Faustian pact is not one that is buried and forgotten in the dusty bookshelves of history: it is, and always will be, a key part of human existence” – Alex Millen on Faustus
  • “As intelligent and challenging a piece of student theatre as one is likely to see, combining striking design with slick movement sequences to fantastic effect” – George Want on Faustus


  • “one of the youngest, and without doubt most perceptive online critics, Hutton’s youth, his socialism, and and his critical acuity make him the most likely contender for the title of ‘The Next Kenneth Tynan'” – Andrew Haydon, Nachtkritik
  • “Dan is provocative and truthful without being overly harsh or pompous. He tells it as he sees it in the most accessible way possible.” – Top London Shows
  • Number 6 on Cision’s ‘Theatre Blogs UK Top 10’

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Director and Theatre-Maker