Barrel Organ

We have all directed, produced and performed in various pieces of work, but have never enjoyed working within the traditional hierarchies of theatre, which is why we decided to form a small company which would work collaboratively and collectively to create politically engaged theatre.

Our first show, Nothing, is a series of eight monologues spoken by characters feeling a disconnect with the world around them, and is performed in a fresh, unrehearsed order every night in a setting which invites the audience into discussion and participation. The piece was based on script, written by Lulu, but was built upon and devised around by the ensemble, opening with short runs in Leamington and London before heading to the National Student Drama Festival in April 2014 where it won four awards, including the Sunday Times Playwriting Award and the Award for Creative Risk. Collaboration is vital to our work, and so the opportunity to explore and develop our ideas is what we really need in order to continue the good work which have begun as a Company with Nothing. We are currently working on our next shows, Untitled Project About Apathyand Some People Talk About Violence, which will premiere in 2015.

Our style is inherently, self-consciously theatrical, drawing attention to the work that the context of ‘theatre’ is doing in order to highlight audience members’ relationship with their surroundings. We strive to create pieces which engage with the audience and ask them to interrogate various aspects of twenty-first century culture. Though stylistically minimal our theatre never underestimates the audience’s intelligence, who we hope will be intellectually active during our performances.

We’re always open to ideas and thoughts. If you have any, or just want a chat, email us at barrelorgantheatre[at]

See our website for more details:

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Director and Theatre-Maker