at C Nova, on Tuesday 14th August 2012

No piece of theatre could really be shorter than (remor) and remain successful (though I’m willing to be proved wrong). In only eleven minutes, Spanish group Res de Res manage to create a fully formed story, engage an audience completely and exhibit an extraordinary piece of theatre; something massive companies find it hard to do with millions of pounds and two hours.

A small group of us enter a ship container, which houses a prison cell, complete with small table and limescale-covered tap. A metal bunk-bed sits beneath a grate, and we sit on small wooden stalls. The bulk of (remor) consists of a stunning piece of choreography, and is bookended by sections which contextualise it, played both forwards and backwards.

The couple, played with wide-eyed passion by Marta Barceló and Joan Miguel Artigues (who also devised the piece), are attempting to work out how their relationship broke down, erasing one another from their own personal histories alongside destroying and recreating their favourite photo. The movement between the pair is astonishingly made and executed, as they make their way around the bed in creative ways and hitting the walls (and each other) with powerful force.

The feeling of intimacy is added to by audience members being asked to light the actors; we are in full control of how we see them, and so become implicit in their relationship. Joana Gomila’s soundtrack supports the piece beautifully, and reverberates around the space to affect us just as much as the movement. If you can only fit one more thing into your schedule this festival, make sure it’s this.


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