“Capsule” by Talking Birds

at Warwick Arts Centre, Thursday 20th October 2011

Written for www.StageWon.co.uk

It’s always extremely difficult to review a show whose success hinges on a single twist. It’s important a feeling for the show is conveyed, yet the surprise can’t be spoiled for future audiences. “Capsule” is one such show; halfway through, the tables turn and the meaning of the performance becomes clear.

We enter a small capsule, are welcomed by a friendly sailor and are taken on a journey. Through a small window, we see everything from space to the depths of the ocean, acted out by performers and clever props. It feels like a simulation ride, as the room is rocked and sounds are pumped through speakers. It’s a consideration of the beauty of theatre; simple sounds and images can transport us to wherever we desire.

Please don’t read this paragraph if you have tickets for or are planning on seeing the show. As we leave the capsule, we are met by Nick Gibsen, the creator, and told that the performance we’ve just watched was created by the previous group. Now it’s our turn, and we can have fun too. It could all go wrong and if we wished we could refuse to play, but remarkably, we find ourselves trying hard to make this show just as good as the last.

“Capsule” isn’t the most spectacular or enlightening shows, and it isn’t altogether completely original, but the beauty lies in its simplicity. It’s a charming piece of performance, and Talking Birds, the company behind the production, really do know how to let their audience have a bit of fun.


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